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The Womb Meditation Center Programs
Transformation is possible by relaxing into that which is, whatsoever is. Unconditionally accepting yourself brings transformation.

Ecstatic dance

Ecstatic Dance is a 'free form' dance event based loosely on Gabrielle Roth's ' 5 Rhythms' guided dance practice. The event differentiates itself by being a 'talk free space' and by featuring a live DJ, and electronic dance music (EDM) amongst various musical genres, with little to no direction from Facilitators to what ways attendees should dance. Today, Ecstatic Dance is used to describe 'intentional' dance events all over the world. The events are inclusive of all ages and are drug and alcohol-free.

dates: please connect with us, we are looking for a DJ in the moment

From 7 - 9 pm 
Only 100 THB  
Come and celebrate this special moment with us.
Looking forward to a new schedule !

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