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The Meditation Center is for Sale !

Land: approx. 4 Rai (6 000 squarer
meter) of land. Situated next to the Maekong River, surrounded by
trees, bamboo groves and fields. There is only one neighbor visible at
fare distance. The road to the property is a dead-end road, public
traffic will not disturb you. The property has at 3 sides a fence and
4th side is the river. The entire land is one lush green garden with big
trees, bamboo grove, fruit trees, big lawn and a pond.
Houses: There are 3 bigger houses and 2 smaller houses plus kitchen, garden shade and garage.

main house is built in the traditional, open Lanna style with teak
wood. From the large porch you can enjoy a spectacular view of the whole
surrounding area. All activities are centered around it.   
Pavilion shaped in the form of an octagon, with 110 square meters of
floor space. It can be used for seminars, concerts and events.  The
wooden teak ceiling gives the room a warm feeling. It has two big A/C
units keeping the room fresh.
The Rice House a teak wood barn at
least 50 years old, originally built to store rice. We dismantled it in
the neighboring village and rebuilt it here. According to local custom,
these houses are built on wooden columns to protect the rice from
insects and animals.
The Garden House, constructed with mud bricks
from our pond. They keep the interior cool during the daytime, and warm
during cold winter nights.   
The River View House is a teak wood alpine cottage next to the river.   

Swimming pool: a natural Himalayan salt water pool. It is chlorine-free
and heated by solar panels. Water purification is carried out by using
Hydrogen peroxide, Zeolite filtration and UV lights. The Himalayan salt,
is widely considered to be the purest form of salt available on earth.
This salt was formed 250 million years ago and is protected by caves
from harmful pollutants. Water temperature is 34 degrees Celsius. It
measures 14 meters in length and 4 meters width. 125 cm deep, perfect
for water treatment modalities.

 pictures from house and land can be seen online at

The property has its own water supply system and is not depending from
government sources. The water is plenty-full available from the Maekong
river throughout the whole year. A sophisticated water treatment plant
ensures purity of the water. There is a high pressure irrigation system
to keep the garden green in the dry season. The houses and the
infrastructure are built by Pascal Sacher to European quality standards.

Electricity: a stable government high Voltage line with our own
transformer. Internet: fiber-optical broad band connection. The Womb
Meditation Center Co. Ltd. is the sole owner of the land, registered at
the Land Office. The Womb Meditation Center Co. Ltd. is a legitimate
business that is registered with the Thai Business Registration
Department.  51% owned by Mrs. Anong Sacher and her daughter (Thai
shares) and 49 % owned by Mr. Pascal Sacher, Austria.

  PRICE:  10 Million Thai Baht, approx. 260.000,- Euros

Womb Meditation Center Co. Ltd. 20 Moo 5, Ban Maekong, Pai,  Zip code:
58130, Mae Na Toeng,  Mae Hong Son,  Thailand,  GPS: N 19 23 20,96 E 98
26 12,02, Tel. 053065034, Mob. English 0066-823400120,,