Медитационный Центр Лоно, Пай, Тайланд.

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Phu Pai Art Resort

Phu Pai Art Resort is located in a dreamlike nature landscape surrounded by ricefields. The Resort and the mountains further down the valley are breathtaking. People who visit the north of Thailand have to experience an overnight stay in the ultimate nature experience, and you can imagine the wonders of sleeping in a rice paddy, at the Luxury Bungalows of Phu Pai Art Resort.
2 minutes with the Hotel pick up "Tuk Tuk" from The Womb.
up scale category: middle

Amy's Earth House

If you are looking for accommodation in one of the most beautiful locations in Thailand, Amy's is the most peaceful and most beautiful location in Pai.

Surrounded by mountains, the earth houses are environmentally friendly and set so that guests can sit and relax in naturally shaded surroundings, whilst enjoying the marvellous views across the valley to the mountains.

4 min walking distance from The Womb Med. Center.

budget category: low end

PuriPai Villa

PuriPai Villa is a place where you could sense a various form of relaxation, a place where u could engraved with a restful and comfortable atmosphere surrounding with a morning mists in "Muang Sam Mhok" Pai, Mae Hong Sorn. With our own characteristic, in the land of northern culture, combining with beautiful nature on the most attractive area, we suggest you to come taste fresh air and brilliant scenery here, accommodated in our two types of serviced holiday villas.
2 min walking distance from The Womb Med. Center.
up scale category: high end

Pai Island Resort

Our romantic and luxurious boutique hotel is surrounded by majestic mountains with tropical rain forests and two soothing creeks. Pai Island Resort sits on a valley in Pai, which is one of the most beautiful destinations Thailand that south-east Asia has to offer.
6 minutes with a motor bike from The Womb.
up scale category: high end

Kirina House

Kirina House is the boutique resort in contemporary retro style 
9 rooms and 2 suites are situated around a series of rice fields, giving each room a feeling relaxed space.Design with simple yet elegant touches, the picture draw on a retro design. The hotel’s location at the very  heart of Pai city.
up scale category: middle

Meditation Centers

OSHO Kundalini, No-Mind Meditation in Chaing Mai

every Monday Osho Kundalini Meditation
every Thursday, OSHO No-Mind Meditation
Kalyanamit Center Chiangmai
Behind Wat Kuan Ka Ma , Sripoom Soi 7
Mob. 081 969 9166

Yoga Retreats in Pai

The program of our Xhale Yoga 5-Day Retreat is designed to give you profound experience of all aspects of yoga including; Yoga asana, Breathing exercises, Deep relaxation, Mindfulness meditation, Yoga philosophy, Anatomy, Diet and Food, and other related aspects.

Through the practice of Yoga asana, meditation and our diet program, you will gain flexibility, strength, and learn to relax under otherwise stressful situations and return to your homeland with harmony and balance for mind and body; cleaner, clearer, lighter, rejuvenated and enthused.

Whether you are an experienced or a beginner student, this is an opportunity to deepen and further your practice or to begin practicing yoga properly, gain confidence to develop your own yoga practice, and bring a breathing awareness to apply to your daily life.

The Xhale Yoga retreat is located in the beautiful valley of Pai, just 7 km outside the city center. Our outdoor Yoga sala looks out over the rice and farm fields and therefore accommodates peace needed to insure you opportunity to find some stillness whilst practicing both yoga, meditation and other activities that line up all day.

Friends of The Womb

Редактирование / перевод текстов

Вина Шлегель предлогает редактирование / перевод текстов для сайтов, статей, диссертаций и книг

One Sky Band

One Sky Band создал Миларепа – любимый и широко известный певец, музыкант, композитор, поэт и учитель медитаций. "На Востоке музыка всегда использовалась как помощник в медитации. Трудно бороться с умом и постоянным наплывом мыслей, им порождаемым. Но когда вы поглощены красивой музыкой, мысли исчезают. Музыка это звук, но звук может быть использован так, что он создает тишину. Это целое искусство". Ошо

Тайский йога-массаж в Тайване, Китае, ...

Для Гьяна Тайский йога-массаж является духовной практикой, которая учит выражать свет и любовь и делиться этим с другими. Во время проведения сеанса медитации внимание обращается на осознанность дыхания и возможность сердца открываться и сопереживать, в результате чего лечение и исцеление происходит на глубоком духовном уровне.

Osho Viha

Osho's books in English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, and Russian
We also carry Osho's discourses on DVD, video, audio tape, and (limited) CD and MP3, all of His meditations on CD and/or tape, a wide selection of music from the world of Osho on CD and tape, and Osho Tarot decks


Northern Thailand

info about: weather, food, transport, nightlife, NGO's, accommodation, cultural, ...

New Earth Records

The seeds of our company were planted in September, 1989 at the Osho International Resort in Pune, India. It all began with the Osho Kundalini Meditation and the Osho Dynamic Meditation. At that time, there were no CDs of Osho meditations or Osho music available; there was no Internet, no email, and no such thing as an MP3. Osho gave his blessings to our project idea and chose the name ‘Tao Music,’ which later became New Earth Records. We feel very honored to have him as our spiritual founder.


Osho News Online Magazine

Osho News Online Magazine for people on the path, sannyasins and lovers of Osho: www.oshonews.com


Kan Airlines - Fly to Pai !

Kan Airlines is the only airlines operating one or more daily flights between Chiang Mai and Pai, depending on the season. Flying time is 25 minutes. Passengers can make reservations and purchase tickets through the airline website, their call centres, or with a travel agent.

Green Days Cafe and Guesthouse

In the heart of Chiang Mai, Green Days Cafe and Guesthouse is located right near Loi Kroh Massage School, and is only a 5 minute walk from the famous Night Bazaar. Our guesthouse rooms are kept very clean and safe. The Cafe serves healthy, handmade dishes using the freshest ingredients. We are what we eat!
up scale category: middle

Cafe Closed on Sundays and public holidays in Thailand
Hours: 11:00〜21:00

Green Days Cafe
4/2 Kroh Soi Act 3, T. Changklan A. Muang
Chiang Mai 50100  Thailand
Mob:082-183-5703 (Atsuko)

Local Bus (mini van) operator in Northern Thailand

Local Bus (mini van) operator in Northern Thailand
Chiang Mai to Pai or to Laos, .....
Route 612 Chiangmai - Pai
Price THB 150

aYa minibus transportation Chiang Mai to Pai

aYa Service offers minibus transportation Chiang Mai to Pai
daily leaves from 8:00am to 5.30pm every hours,
The pick up in Chaing Mai is from any guesthouses or hotels within old city. In Pai the bus is leaving from the Aya office in the walking street.

Bangkok Airways from Bangkok to Chaing Mai

Thailands first privately-owned domestic airline.
Domestic  9
International  12
6 flights a day from Bangkok International Airport to Chaing Mai
price: between 2200 to 3800 Bhat

Around Pai

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paimap.com Это подробная интерактивная карта Пaя, Тайланд, которая показывает отели, гостиницы, бары, рестораны, треккинг, рафтинг, места аренды мотоциклов, рынки и многое другое.

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На этом сайте собрано много информации о Пае - замечательном, маленьком процветающем городке, расположенном среди холмов в провинции Мэй Хонг Сон на севере Тайланда.

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