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About The Womb Meditation Center

A holistic center cultivating the silence of the Buddha nature

The Womb is a holistic center cultivating the silence and beauty of the Buddha nature. Our Center is not part of any tradition or religious belief system; it simply provides the space for you to learn the art of tuning into your own silence in a spontaneous and alive way. Here the silence is a magical happening which you can experience throughout the day in many different ways.

The Womb is an experimental living community based on love, meditation and the courage to discover your own individual truth.

The Womb is an open place for friends and strangers to explore their own inner space, their creativity and their love for life.

The Womb can give birth to your spiritual self.

The Womb can be the place where you experience being pregnant with life. It contains the whole journey of birth to death -- from sex to love to dissolving into the limitless eternity.

The Womb is a place where the raw basic life energy meets the super-consciousness of the Buddha.

The Womb is a challenge to live whatever this moment is offering.

The Womb is a prayer whispered into a friend's ear to jump into the river of life.

The Womb is an experimental living community where laughter and tears exist next to each other.

The Womb is a mystical journey barely visible in the early morning mist.

The Womb is a request to become whole -- contained and rooted in oneself. Here we share techniques to support our journey; here we care for the delicate balance between the female and the male energies; here the male energy is supporting the female's quality to flower; here the focus is not on ‘what we do’ but on the quality behind the doing; here, out of ‘non-doing’, doing arises, here, out of 'non-doing', creativity happens….

here a word from Osho:
This ashram is not against the world. It is a miniature world, a small world, a community where we are preparing everybody to be able to cope with the world, to be able to live in the world and live positively and affirmatively… to live and enjoy. Whatsoever the situation, our whole effort is to make you capable of passing through that situation unaffected, uncorrupted by it; in fact benefited, enriched by it.

There are monasteries in the world which are against the world. They create an alternate world; no fight, no anger, everybody is polite and everybody is nice, everybody is goody-goody. But everything is false, everybody is pretending, forcing. No, I am not for that.

I want real people here. And if grace comes, it has to come through being real, not through being hypocrites, not by pretending.

                                            Osho, A Rose is a Rose is a Rose, Ch 27

Our Facilities

The Womb is on a very beautiful piece of land in the north of Thailand, south-east of the Himalayas. It is a 10 minute drive by motorbike from the village of Pai. There is an old traditional Thai teak house on the property with a colonial-style interior. There is a pond with a bamboo grove and big trees. We are in a big valley surrounded by mountains that were once volcanoes, which is why we have hot springs here.

The Meditation and Group Room
An artistically built, stand-alone pavilion with 110 square meters of floor space. Shaped in the form of an octagon and surrounded by trees. The wooden teak ceiling gives the room a warm feeling; the seating uses traditional Thai style cushions, and three big A/C units keep the room fresh. The powerful sound system is guaranteed to make you jump! In addition, there is a large LCD screen for videos. It will function as a group room for workshops, meditations and concerts. The local electric power supply can be relied on for approximately 98% of the time, and for the remaining 2%, we have our own generator back-up system.

The Pool
The use of the pool is reserved for the aquatic work we are offering. It is not for guests who are staying here or visitors. However in some cases we do make exceptions. Ask us for details ...  It is a natural Himalayan salt water pool. It is chlorine-free and heated by solar panels. Water purification is carried out by using Hydrogen peroxide and Zeolite filtration. The Himalayan salt, is widely considered to be the purest form of salt available on earth. This salt was formed 250 million years ago and is protected by caves from harmful pollutants. The pool is designed to accommodate aquatic work. Water temperature is 34 degrees Celsius. Depth is 1.25 meters. It is 14 meters long and 4 meters wide.

The Garden
We have 6,000 square meters of garden with a bamboo grove, a pond, and big trees. The land is on a cliff, below is a river where one can paddle along with our bamboo float. We are surrounded by rice fields and forest.

Our main house is built in traditional, open-style Thai Lanna design. From the large porch you can enjoy a spectacular view of the whole surrounding area. All activities are centered around it. We provide accommodation in 3 adjacent houses.

1. The Garden House, constructed with bricks made of mud from our pond. The walls keep the interior cool during the daytime, and warm during cold winter nights.

2. The River View House is a teak wood alpine cottage next to the river.

3. The Rice House
is a teak wood barn at least 70 years old, originally built to store rice. We dismantled it in the neighboring village and rebuilt it here. According to local custom, these houses are built on wooden columns to protect the rice from insects and animals.

More accommodation is provided in guesthouses nearby. One is just 10 minutes walk along the river and built in the old Thai Ayutthaya teak wood style. But there is also a wide variety of guesthouses ranging from budget bamboo huts from US$2.5 a night, to boutique hotels artistically decorated in Arabian style for a few hundred dollars (US). Bookings can be made through us or directly.

Other Facilities on-site include: ample toilets, showers and lockers. Free WiFi. Help with making bookings for hire-cars, taxis, and travel arrangements for elephant rides, visits to the hot springs and the great Pai canyon etc …

About Pranesh Sacher

Born in 1962 in Vienna, Austria, Pranesh grew up in a wealthy and protected family situation. His great-grandfather invented the Viennese cake that is now known as “Sacher Torte.” When he was 16 years old, a few existential questions began to knock at his heart: What do I live for, why do I live and where does my life lead me? Not being satisfied with superficial answers, he locked himself in his room for days to reach to the bottom of these questions. No fulfilling answer arose, but the search for truth took him to deeper and deeper levels within himself. Nothing would stop him from finding the truth.

He studied the works of Sigmund Freud and other western thinkers, but soon began to sense that his thirst for inner values could only be quenched in the East. When he was nineteen he packed his suitcase and, leaving everything behind, he headed for India.

In Pune, India, he met the mystic, Osho, and this became a turning point in his life. He became a disciple, understanding that the biggest key to personal transformation is meditation -- the settling into the present moment, also called the no-mind or empt,y mind. Since then, meditation has become his daily nourishment and has greatly enriched the quality of his life and work. He lived in the Osho community for nearly 20 years. This commune was a magnet not only for seekers but also for teachers of many different types of humanistic growth processes, both ancient and modern. Working in the community brought him a wealth of experience; the main foundations of his own work were developed during this period.

Pranesh also went to the Himalayas, often spending many months alone in remote areas, exploring what he describes as “the Tao of emptiness.” He visited monasteries in northern India and Tibet where he participated in meditation retreats. The search for truth also took him to China, Mongolia and Japan.

In the 1990s he studied Tantra and later, the path of Taoism. He practiced body-oriented Eastern healing techniques and was recently trained in a western personal development process called "Co- dependency".
Having worked with aquatic therapy for many years, he created Oceanic Aqua-floating seven years ago. Besides leading Tantra groups, Oceanic Aqua-floating is his love and passion.

The basic quality of his work can be described as a path of dissolving the boundaries of separation. In the non-traumatic, nourishing and supporting environment of his workshops, he works from a space of what he calls the "unknowable" -- a non-conceptual space that originates from the deep spaces of emptiness.

Pranesh also leads meditation retreats in The Womb Meditation Center. He started the Center in February 2010 and is currently very much involved in the construction of the project. Later this year or in 2014 he will start offering Tantra groups.

the course of evolution ends where it started
it finishes where it began
the deepest core of being is non-being
the foundation of isness is nothingness
form exists on the base of the formless
the name arises out of the nameless
life arises out of death and moves back to death again